Potato Bug

You may wonder why I have put the Potato Bug in the good bugs.
Do not confuse with the Colorado Potato Bug.

Well, the quotes that fallows are from an article: The Frightening but Helpful Potato Bug. Posted March 1st, 2019 by Lindsey Hyland on the Garden & Greenhouse website.

Potato bugs mainly eat organic material like plants, crops, roots, and tubers. Unlike the name suggests, they have no preference for potatoes but love any underground organic material.
Jerusalem crickets may not look it, but they are actually beneficial to your garden. They are rarely found in large numbers and help keep your soil healthy. Because their food of choice is decaying plant life, potato bugs will burrow into your garden and eat away all the dead roots and any other material left behind from the previous garden. This burrowing aerates the soil and allows for it to be more porous. They also eat smaller insects that can be harmful to your plants. In a way, the potato bug provides pest control for you and your garden.

Aldo we do not have those insects in our region, they look nice.