Melon Heart of Gold

May 13 2019. Starting seeds. On a heat mat and a dome.

May 19, 6 days. What’s missing in those pot ?
Melons in general and mostly all of the cucurbits family don’t like to be transplant. But this one is FREE. So I will try transplanting it. And just look at beautiful root.
What was missing in the pots ? Labels. 32 on my Excel sheet is melon hearth of gold. Sounds crazy, but in a few weeks the pots get mix up with cucumbers, squash, egg plants etc, and then you are all…. well mix up.
In this youtube video Stephen from Alberta Urban Garden tells how he manage to grow melons in is Alberta Zone 3 region. If he can manage it in a Zone 3, I should be able in my Zone 4 region. I like the black rocks.