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upside_down_tomato_288I bougth a Topsy Turvy in a garage sale for $1, now I am going to try it in my growing room.

Lots of pros and cons on the net,


  • Good For Limited Space, as long as there is a hanger.
  • No Staking Necessary, but side by side is fine.
  • Foils Some Pests but not the bugs.


  • Hard to Hang, but they are hang only once.
  • Tomatoes Like Growing Up, but still can grow upside down.
  • Hard to Find Sun, same with buckets or in the ground.
  • Challenging to Plant, but they still grow.
  • Limited Tomato Varieties, only needs one.
  • Wind and hard to water if they are height

But it’s an alternative to consider. And for starters, you don’t have to buy an Upside Down Planter, there are lots of home made Planter on the net.






Consumer Reports Magazine made a little test comparing upside down and 5 gallons buckets. 1 good result, they found that the harvest is about the same, the not so good is that they are hard to hang and some breaks due to the wind. But frankly you don’t put a hang hover bucket on a roof where it’s the most windy place.

But the test is OK and they have a nice little video. Go to site

Since I never tried it yet, I found a site where they explain how to grow tomatoes upside down.