Tomatoes troubleshooting

Problems with your tomato plants, here are good sites to start looking for infos:

The first one is from U. of Minnesota Extention, I like the title, it’s say’s it all, CHOSE A SYMPTOM

minnesotaUextention  Chose A Sympton

They don’t always explain what to do, but at lease you know the problems.


Another question I often get about tomatoes is that the bottom leaves are starting to yellow. Growers will keep them pruned up so there’s only foliage at the top of the plant, but at the bottom of the leaves that are there they can start getting yellow along the veins. That is not uncommon, particularly as you go into summertime, because the plant recycles the magnesium. The magnesium is the central molecule of the chlorophyll. When the magnesium is moved out of the leaf and to the top of the plant, the shelf between the veins first turns yellow and then it can turn brown or a purplish color because it has died. As long as that’s not too prevalent, as long as it’s not halfway up the leaves on the remainder of the plant, that’s okay. A little bit of that is okay.