Squash Vine Borer

The squash vine borer, ( Melitta curcurbitae ), is a common clearwing moth in home gardens . It is a serious pest of vine crops, commonly attacking summer squash, winter squash, and pumpkins. Cucumbers and melons are less frequently affected. In home gardens, entire crops may be lost in a year of high borer populations.

Top picture are adults Vine Borer, below is a larva, pictures are from extension.umn.edu website, they have a very good page on managing these bugs. squash-vine-borers-601


Below are three videos created by M. Greg Holdsworth of Your own Victory Garden.com, they are a bit unusual for  gardening videos, but if you have a wide monitor and good speakers, it’s really worth the time, and the infos are really goods.

Video Length: 5:17
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth

Video Length: 6:06
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth

Video Length: 3:24
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth

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