”Monarch butterfly may be listed as endangered species after 90% population drop, that’s why we have to get involves.”


Help The Center for Food Safety .org tell the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to Protect the Threatened Monarch Butterfly by signing  the petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in support of protecting monarchs under the Endangered Species Act (ESA):

And they have articles on Monarch and pesticides.

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Help Monarchs
By reporting your sightings and track migration

Report your sightings each fall and spring as the monarchs travel to and from Mexico.
Track migration on real-time migration maps. Help scientists learn more about monarchs.

We can help!
Every backyard can become an oasis for monarchs and other pollinators go to

Most people like most butterflies, but their favorite often is the monarch (Danaus plexippus). It’s certainly our favorite!

Not only are they large and beautiful, but they fly slowly enough, floating through the yard, that they’re easy to see and enjoy.

These quotes comes from a marvelous website:

To get started go to there web site and start at the: A extraordinary butterfly: The Monarch they really are involved.

Then treat yourself and go on there home page,

Want to watch a great video, it’s long 52 minutes, but it’s made by Nova and playing on PBS Video, ask for HD, connect your computer on a wide screen TV, and enjoy


This next butterfly guide was propose to me by Elliot He was thinking that it’d be a good educational resource. And it is. Absolutely well done, very professional, about 40 links.