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GM: Leafy greens are an extremely popular crop for new growers. What are some of the problems you’ve encountered with greens?
SF: The number one problem that I get called for is tip burn, or edge burn, on the leaves. It’s a browning or a dying back of the leaves of the plant. Some of the more smooth leaves can be more prone to it. Most often we can trace it back to physical environment. But then, what to do about it, can be the problem. If the house is designed wrong, there’s not a lot we can do.
Slow growth is a common problem. A lot of things contribute to slow growth. The number one contributing factor is what’s going on in the root zone.
Anytime you get above 78-80 °F in the root zone, you’re going to see problems in leafy greens. Keep your temperature, under full light conditions, between 70 and 73 °F at the highest. At 75 you’ll probably still be okay. You get into the upper 70s and your problems will increase and a lot of the disorders in lettuce will show up. Tip burn is one, slow growth is another, fungal problems, powdery mildew, etc. When you start having wide fluctuations in that solution temperature, or in the root zone, you’ll have problems.