Cannellini Beans

The classic, creamy white kidney bean.
There are different kind of Cannelli Beans. But when a bean is called the Authentic Italian “Mama’s Cannelli” it all ready sounds good.

Found a good video showing when to harvest mature beans , a good way to get the mature dry beans out of their shells the fast way, storing them and cooking tips.

Courtesy of RennesGarden,

Check it out:

Other Cannelli beans:

Organic Non-GMO Silver Cloud Cannellini Dry Bean – Open-Pollinated

Improved white bean with excellent culinary qualities. Shelling and cooking beans prized for their smooth, meaty texture and dense, nutty flavor. Ideal for Minestrone; also known as fagioli or white kidney. Bred by Washington State University for higher yields, greater disease resistance, and more upright habit than the famous heirloom. Bush habit • Bean Rust tolerant. (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Disease Resistance: Bean Common Mosiac Virus, Curly Top Virus

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*  The image a the top and the one over comes from  it’s from an article “Ode to the Cannellini Bean“, it’ s just a nice article about someone passionate about cannelli beans, and for a bonus, a soup recipe with lightly braised swiss chard and mustard greens  in a covered skillet with olive oil, garlic and a little stock . Can’t go wrong.